Evolution by Outcome #1: June 2022

June 24th, 2022
Vignir Gudmunds



This is the first issue in our Evolution by Outcome series. We’ll be experimenting with this format and seeing where it goes.

Evolution by Outcome is a regular update on the latest at Outcome

In the spirit of relentlessly pushing for transparency, we want to give better access to those interested in following our journey. Please reach out to us with any feedback on these updates. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

You can reach out to us at hello [at] outcome.io or to me personally at vignir [at] outcome.io.

Let’s jump into it.

Out of stealth / Week of Outcome

Week of Outcome is a wrap

This has been a busy week. After taking our time so far this year in hardening our mission, business idea and product strategy, we went out of “stealth mode”.

We did this through what we called the “Week of Outcome”. From Monday to Friday, we shared a different piece of content to provide better context on what Outcome is about.

We’re happy with the reception and interest. Excited to follow-up on all the interesting sign-up’s.

Blog launch

Blog launched this week

We take community building seriously. It deserves our utmost respect. Our first contribution on this front was the launch of our Outcome Blog this week, in tandem with the Week of Outcome.

We plan to use our blog publication for articles, culture insights, our evolution, product updates and more. Later in our journey, we will add other tools into our community toolbox.

Outcome in the media

Outcome in MBL Business

We got a chance to talk to MBL Business this week (web article here). The topic that grabbed the attention is our approach to transparent compensation, especially when advertising for new roles.

It looks like people do indeed care about transparent compensation, as this article was the 3rd most read article on Thursday at MBL Business.

On Transparent Compensation

Compensation at Outcome is transparent. You can’t be transparent if you’re not paying fair, and if you are, there’s no reason to not be transparent. Transparency is also an effective way to avoid bias or discrimination, e.g. towards women or minorities.

Secrecy around salaries is a thing of the past. We can only control how compensation is handled at Outcome (not for others), but we believe fewer secrets is better on this front.

For those interested, we have open documentation in our Culture Guide about our compensation policy.

New roles open

We are hiring!

Are you a frontend developer? We have opened two roles.

Experienced vs. Expert, what’s the difference? Take a look at the level descriptions in our Culture Guide for more context.

Product development in motion

So why are we advertising these roles? Because we are ramping up our core product team to develop the first version of the Outcome team platform.

We’ve done several concepts and visual prototypes so far this year. In May, after exploring many options, we made strategic choices about where we invest first. We are excited to create momentum and run after it, while continuously iterating through customer development.

We look forward to sharing more on this front going forward.

Bonus section: Can you spot it?

Outcome founders

This photo was part of the MBL Business article this week. But is there something ‘off’ about this photo? Anything you spot?

I’ll give you a hint. I’m in Stockholm, Guðrún is in Barcelona in this photo :)

That’s it for now. Exciting times ahead.

If you are interested about Outcome, you can:

If you think Outcome would be valuable in your organization:

Written ByVignir Gudmunds

CEO & Co-Founder @ Outcome. Previously, Vignir was the Director of Operations for EVE Online at CCP Games, as well as the co-founder and CEO of Radiant Games.


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